Moving to Miami

The Flower Belle’s entrepreneurial spirit, wit, and floral swagger has led her to inspire all who wish to have the “cool flowers”.

A balance of New England roots and world travels, combined with 20 years of designing and orchestrating events on the eastern shoreline, Palm Beach, and New York City, has brought Miss Flower Belle to Miami, Florida, where she is ready to design a floral fusion of New York City edge, New England shoreline charm, mixed with all of the hot, tropical, blooms that come through Miami’s flower markets.

She is ready to create whimsical floral designs for all special occasions of any size and to tailor your vision with inspirational floral artistry.

She is available as a freelance designer for those who may need a business minded, creative designer for their event or personally if you would like to consult with her.

Flower Belle has 20 years of experience by owning her own floral event business. Each floral event from a birthday party to a wedding should be personal and special. She believes each flower has a purpose to mesh with your vision. Each flower matters! Colors, textures, seasons, reasons, and placement all make a difference.

Her one-of-a-kind creations are made artistically with passion and flair. You will rarely find a repeat design and you can be assured she will find the exact combination to suit your taste.

Flower Belle is pleased to offer the community with creative activity during the colder months! We offer private, flower hour classes to bond with your crew or have bubbly with your friends while Flower Belle shows you how to create your own!

Experience a world of beautiful stems and a brand, new spin in the floral industry!

~Flower Belle
"We sell cool flowers”